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Sugaring Near Me

Find Sugaring Near Me

Many people suffer from unwanted body hair. Removing hair can be for cosmetic, or medical reasons. Unfortunately, common hair removal practices use synthetic and unnatural substances. These substances can often be quite painful to use when removing hair. If you are looking for a safe, all-natural way to remove unwanted body hair, sugaring might be the best option for you. Sugaring is a natural substance that is created from a mixture of sugar, and lemon juice. This sticky substance is then applied to the body, and quickly pulled away, removing the fine body hair with it. If you are searching for, "sugaring near me" or “sugar waxing near me”, look no further than the Black Velvet Spa Loft. We have a wide range of sugaring services and are sure to find the right treatment to suit your needs.


For the best sugaring Cleveland has to offer, Black Velvet Spa Loft is here to help. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our range of sugaring services will remove unwanted body hair, leaving you with silky and smooth skin. This all natural technique is perfect for people practicing a vegan lifestyle, because it is free of any synthetic substances. The lack of synthetic substances also reduced the risk of suffering an allergic, adverse reaction to the wax. For sugaring, Cleveland has several options, but only the Black Velvet Spa Loft has the best. Visit our website to book an online appointment, or learn about our variety of sugaring services.

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