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The sugaring paste is 100% natural, hypoallergenic, non-comeodogenic, and not tested on animals.

The sugar paste does not stick to live skin cells and only gently exfoliates the dead skin.

Sugaring treatments are economical because most clients see thinner, finer hair and improved skin conditions after just a few sessions.

The sugar paste is 100% water-soluble so it can be easily washed off.

The luke warm sugar paste is molded onto the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth, and pulled off in the same direction of hair growth which results in complete extraction of the hair. This means no breakage and no burned skin!

The sugar paste is 100% hygienic! There’s no risk of double dipping because the practicioner never has to go back into the jar of sugar. All of the sugar that is needed for a service is grabbed at one time, then discarded after each client. Plus the high concentration of sugar makes it so bacteria can’t breed in it.

Sugaring is successful on all skin types, skin colors, hair types and textures, genders, and ages. Sugaring is the only form of hair removal that is literally for everyone!

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