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Let's talk ingrown hairs and treatments!

Hello there lovely! My name is Cassie and I'm the owner of Black Velvet Spa. I've been an esthetician and sugaring practitioner for 8 years. I've discovered quite a bit about ingrown hairs throughout this journey and have come to understand what helps them, what makes them worse, and what really doesn't do anything at all. I have also personally struggled with ingrowns before I started sugaring, and I struggled with them to a much lesser degree even after sugaring. I share this because I want you to know you're not alone and that there are ways to treat them. Treat is the key word. There is no cure for ingrown hairs, but throughout the years I have discovered ways to manage ingrown hairs and achieve smoother, softer, skin!

Sugaring is the first step to improving ingrown hairs and will give you much better results in comparison to shaving or waxing, but these pesky ingrowns can still pop up! So, before we dive into ingrown hairs, let's talk about sugaring and why it's undoubtedly the best way to remove hair if you're prone to ingrowns. Sugaring is all natural. It uses a mix of only sugar, water, and lemon. It's safe for all skin types, and works on all hair types. The sugaring method removes the hair with the direction of hair growth, unlike waxing which removes the hair in the opposite direction of growth. The reason this is important is because removing hair with the direction of growth helps to minimize breakage and avoids distortion of the hair follicle, which ultimately minimizes ingrown hairs. But, the problem is… some people still get ingrown hairs even when your hair is being removed the proper way with sugaring. This happens because the hair still has to surface again. Whenever the hair has to resurface and make its way through the follicle and skin, you might discover those pesky, itchy, ingrown hairs. Unfortunately this means that no matter what way you remove hair, there is a risk of ingrown hairs.

If you’re struggling with ingrown hairs, don’t feel embarrassed - You’re not alone. It’s not uncommon. Although ingrown hairs are less likely with sugaring, ingrown hairs can occur with any type of hair removal. Fortunately, preventing ingrown hairs is surprisingly easy. Contrary to popular belief, ingrown hairs aren’t unavoidable. With a few pro tips, you can manage these ingrowns and achieve softer, smoother skin! What are Ingrown hairs? An ingrown hair is essentially your skin’s inflammatory reaction to the hair re-entering the skin or not being able to break through the skin. The reason the hair can’t break through the skin is because there is some sort of blockage, such as dead skin and oil build-up. As a result, the hair starts to grow inward or sideways.

Some ingrowns are uncomfortable while some are completely painless. They may look like bumps, be red and painful, possibly itchy, and sometimes they are filled with pus. Other types of ingrowns may not be uncomfortable at all, such as the ones that grow sideways under the skin. However, the most common area for them to occur is the underarms and pubic area.

The pesky ingrown hairs on your skin can have several causes.

  • Tight clothes

  • Dead Skin build-up

  • Comedogenic body products

  • Not getting sugared on a consistent schedule. We recommend every 4-6 weeks. Even coming a week earlier or later than normal can cause ingrowns sometimes

  • Waxing, shaving, plucking in between sugaring appointments or skipping appointments and removing hair with one of these methods

  • Dry skin (not enough oil)

  • Skin dehydration (not enough water)

  • Not exfoliating enough, over exfoliating, or using the wrong products to exfoliat

  • Having curly

  • Having extremely fine hair

  • Bacteria getting in the pores, most often from working out or sweating especially right after sugaring

  • Touching the sugared area

Let's talk about prevention... For 24 hours after

  • Avoid exfoliating the sugared area

  • Avoid excessive sweating so your pores & hair follicles don’t become clogged

  • Avoid any kind of friction to the area. Yes, this includes sex! Especially if you just had your brazilian area sugared.

  • Avoid touching the area.

  • Don’t pluck, tweeze or shave your freshly sugared skin.

  • No swimming or submerging the area in water. Even baths, pools, & hot tubs have bacteria. Showers are ok!

  • Avoid direct sunlight on the sugared area

After 24 hours

  • Keep the skin hydrated daily

  • Exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week or if using a mild exfoliant you can exfoliate everyday

Top tips

  • Always use products recommended by your esthetician

  • Don't use sugar or salt scrubs on sensitive areas because the sharp edges of the salt/sugar can cause micro-tears that allow bacteria to enter

  • Many body oils such as coconut oil are too pore-clogging for sensitive areas like the pubic region, face, and underarms

  • Let the sugared area breathe as much as possible. Try to avoid tight clothes as much as possible. Wear cotton underwear & let your lady parts breathe especially when going to sleep!

  • If you work out often, keep some baby wipes on hand and immediately wipe the area when finished. Even allowing sweat to sit on the skin during your drive home from the gym can clog pores, and allow bacteria to form.

  • Stay consistent with your sugaring schedule. Even coming a week earlier or later can cause ingrowns for some because it affects the hair growth pattern

Product Recommendations

  • Bion Naturally Clean Cleanser - This antibacterial wash for daily use on all skin types, is a superior cleanser for ingrown hairs. The natural antioxidant benefits of citrus peel and green tea extract work with Vitamin B5 to counteract surface bacteria and help soothe skin irritation. Naturally Clean provides mild exfoliation, sebum control and improved skin tone. The addition of 8 essential oils moisturizes and provides a natural citrus aroma

  • Active Cleansing Gel - This deep cleansing, oil-free formula thoroughly removes excess oil, surface impurities, and breaks up oil/dirt in the pores so the hairs can surface easier. It helps exfoliate dead cells, due to Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids. Plus it contains Aloe to calm and soothe the skin

  • Post Wax Lotion - This lotion uses Tea Tree oil to soothe, heal and balance the good and bad bacteria. Plus it contains Lactic Acid to exfoliate the skin and rid the skin of discoloration.

  • Fade Gel - This gel formula uses the superior brightening properties of Kojic Acid, Niacinamide, and Bellis Perennis Flower (Daisy) Extract, Alpha-Arbutin and Glucosamine to help improve pigment problems. Glycerin and Sodium Hyaluronate help protect the skin’s moisture balance. Aloe Vera and Yarrow Extracts possess soothing and healing properties. This product helps improve skin tone and hydration and is great for gradual lightening of uneven skintone and dark marks left by ingrown hairs

Don’t forget that you can always talk to us if ingrown hairs are something you’re struggling with! We offer many options for treating them such as the products listed above, as well as intimate area skincare treatments that target ingrown hairs, aka vajacials Cleveland, discoloration, and scarring. We are experts in this field and we’re here to help!

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