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Brazilian Sugaring

Find a Brazilian Sugaring Spa

It can be difficult to find a spa that does Brazilian sugaring, especially in Cleveland. There are so many salons and spas to choose from, so how do you know you are making the right choice? Clients time and time again turn to the Black Velvet Spa Loft for their professionalism, knowledge, and attention to detail. Black Velvet Spa is customer oriented, and wants to create happy clients. Through their variety of services, including facials, chemical peels, and sugaring applications, you are sure to find the right treatment to suit your needs. For cosmetic and medical hair removal services, Black Velvet Spa Loft is able to find the right treatment for you.


Brazilian sugaring is an all natural way to approach waxing the Brazilian area of the body. This area is around the bikini line, both inside and out. It is up to the individual customer to define the bikini line, according to their own preferences. In this sensitive area, it can be hard using conventional waxing techniques. The synthetic wax can create unfavorable reactions, leading to rashes and redness. Brazilian sugaring though is all natural, composed of sugar, water and lemon juice. The sugaring mixture is applied to the bikini area, and pulled away, taking the unwanted body hair with it. One of the best benefits of sugaring is that overtime the hair will become thinner. Further, the skin will become softer as a mini-exfoliation is completed with each sugaring. Most people choose to come back for this treatment about every 4 weeks for the best results. Over time though, clients will have to return fewer times as the hair becomes thinner.

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