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Sugaring & Skincare in Pepper Pike, Ohio

Discover Your Confidence at Black Velvet Spa

At Black Velvet Spa, luxury service is given to each and every client. Black Velvet is a specialty provider of hair removal by sugaring and results-driven skin care. Only the most up-to-date techniques, specialized products, and professional equipment are used. Our highest priority is working with you to achieve your desired results, whether it be healthier skin, or removing unwanted hair. When anyone comes to Black Velvet for services, it is known that they are looking for something special — and just that will be delivered!

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Sugaring is all about technique, and when done properly, it is the least painful method of hair removal! Our estheticians go through intensive training in this method to make sure they are sugaring masters. Our method of sugar waxing minimizes ingrown hairs and breakage, while eliminating irritation and discomfort that is commonly associated with other forms of hair removal.


So, what is sugaring exactly? Sugaring is an all natural and effective practice of body hair removal that originated in ancient Egypt. Sugar wax removes the toughest hair, yet is safe for the most sensitive skin. The professional grade sugaring paste is made up of three natural ingredients: sugar, water and lemon. It looks like thick honey, and yes, it's edible! The barely lukewarm sugaring paste is applied to the skin against the hair growth, then the paste is 'flicked' off in the direction of the hair growth, bringing the hair with it. This is contrary to other methods of hair removal, and the reason we remove the hair with the direction of growth is because it's less painful, helps with ingrown hairs and breakage, and this technique reduces hair growth quicker. The result is smooth, beautiful skin!

Skincare Cleveland


It's time to reveal that beautiful and glowing skin of yours! You can choose from a variety of skincare services such as, a customized facial, dermaplaning, a diamond peel, a chemical peel, a hydro facial, or a number of body treatments. Your esthetician will assess your skin and address any concerns that you may have. From there, an individualized skin care treatment will be performed. We only use clean, high quality, professional grade products that will leave the skin glowing with radiance. Schedule an appointment today and get the skin you've always wanted!

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